Family archives

Before the van Huykelom van de Pas Family Association was founded, the family already owned a family archive: Old papers, paintings, drawings and photographs were kept, cherished and passed on from one generation to the next. This archive is now in possession of the van Huykelom van de Pas Family Association. In recent years the archives expanded thanks to many contributions and donations from family members.

A large amount of archival material, including hundreds of original and scanned images are stored at the secretary of the association. The most valuable objects, however, are safely stored in a vault.

Support us

The family association is interested to acquire anything related to the (van Huykelom) van de Pas family, such as photos, family news from newspapers and magazines, postcards, knightly orders, photocopies of anything and everything or originals, books, magazine and newspaper articles, interviews, wedding photos, communion photos interior photos, diaries or extracts therefrom, art forms, ledgers, listings, recipe books, stories and poems, menus, letters, inventories of estates, ex libri, advertisements and invoices from businesses, wills, maps, birth, betrothal, marriage and funeral cards and everything that you slightest think it's important.