Coat of arms

Our family is using their coat of arms since the 18th century. At the moment is it still unclear in what year this actually was. Further research in this regard may give a definite answer in the future. The eighteenth century coat of arms has been corrected in 1959 and is to date in use.

There are two versions of the coat of arms in use. The shield is always the same, but one version has supporters while the other one doesn't have those.

Below are two digital images of the coat of arms, drawn on behalf of the association by a leading dutch heraldist. The signet rings with the family crest is still worn to this date.

Familiewapen van Huykelom van de Pas


The only way to obtain protection of dutch coats of arms to have it registered as a at a trademark office. Even registration with the Supreme Council of Nobility or other heraldic databases does not provide sufficient protection. The coat of arms is therefor registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.

If your surname is 'van de Pas' you are not always entitled to use these coat of arms. When in doubt, please contact us. All bearers of the surname of 'van Huykelom van de Pas' are permitted to use these coat of arms.